Monday, 31 January 2011

Fabric Rose Tutorial....

Hey there everyone, Emma here...

It's my turn at Tickled Pink Stamps to do a tutorial so I have done one for you all to see how I do my fabric roses, this is just the way I do them, many of you may do them a bit different!!  {please be's my first tutorial....eeeeek!!!!}

You will need a small piece of card, a bit bigger than the size of the flower you want to make and a fabric strip about 1.5cm-2cm wide. I like to use fabric that frays as it gives a nice shabby/vintage effect, I also don't cut the length to a specific size as you will just cut it when you are making the rose.  I like to ink my fabric just a bit to give it a soft colour...

...Tie a knot at the end of the fabric strip, then I like to staple it to the middle of the piece of card to keep it firmly in place...

....then start twisting the strip and wrapping it around the knot... you can see the staple is now hidden!!...

...start adding small amounts of glue to the card as you are rolling the fabric around...

....the glue will keep the rolled strips of fabric in place so that it doesn't unwrap itself, don't worry if you have small amounts of glue showing at this stage it will dry clear...

...when you have reached the size of the rose that you want, just cut of the strip and tuck it under the rest of the rose... is the finished rose, I like to wait about 30 minutes for the glue to set before the next step...

....Next, you just trim around the rose as close as you can to the fabric...

....When you have cut it out you can add pearls or brads and buttons to the centre if you like, I also like to lightly spray mine with a touch of vintage gold glitter!!!
Here they are on one of my creations!!!

I hope you found my little tutorial helpful.....thankyou for looking and all the comments you leave me!!!
Big hugs


  1. Great tutorial Emma! I never thought about it to make this beautiful rose by myself but now I will try it.
    Hugs Ageeth x

  2. Wow Sis what a fab and easy-to-follow tutorial. I'm definately going to try making these beautiful roses now, you've made it look so simple. I'll end up with glue in my hair and a rose that looks like a cabbage! xxx

  3. What a gorgeous tutorial, Emma! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial - will try this as I love the shabby homemade look that you have created. Polly

  5. Thank you very much for the tutorial, your flowers are so beautiful !

  6. Thank you so so much Emma ! I have been waiting for your tutorial since the first time I saw your gorgeous flowers ! Your tutorial is fantastic, very clear and with the photos it really helps... I've got to try... I don't think my roses will look like ones but I've got to try ! Hugs and love from Catherine

  7. That is so fantastic. I've not seen a fabric rose before, I've make ribbon ones, but I am definitely going to give this a try. Thanks for your lovely clear tutorial. Hugs lin

  8. Awesome tutorial, very clear, easy to understand and follow and I'm definately going to try this.Thank you so much.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  9. Your tutorial is absolutlety WOW!!! You mention it is your first?? Chapeau!!!! I HAVE to try it as you describe it so great that I just have to. And those flowers really look great!!
    Hugs, Karina

  10. This is sooooo gorgeous, this is sooooo perfect!!! And so nice of you to share with us all, you're great! I always love your roses. That knot in the middle is really clever. I definitely gonna try this.
    Big hugs Ing

  11. What a fabulous flower and great tutorial.

  12. Fantastic tutorial Emma, I love it and am definitely going to give this a go! Thanks so musch for sharing it!

  13. great tutorial with that fab rose....must give it a try....thanks for sharing!
    xxx Margreet

  14. Great tutorial and easy to follow. i am teaching the ladies at my church how to make a pin. thanks so much for sharing

  15. Thanks for this tutorial. I love the look of these roses. You explain it so well. Gonna go make some soon.


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