Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sneak preview of our exciting news....

Hi Everyone Susan here....

Exciting news coming from The Two Pink Ladies!!!

Emma and I have decided to open a Etsy Store selling our cards, notebooks, jewellery and fabric gifts and Accessories.
We will soon be putting a link in our sidebar so that you can take a look around, but in the meantime we are showing you some of the jewellery that we make.
We hope you like what you see, just wait and see the sneak preview of the fabric gifts and accessories that are coming soon. 
Everything has been lovingly designed and created by us using quality materials.
There will be a vast variety of gifts and accessories either to treat yourself to, or to find that perfect gift.

Using silver effect wire, in a beautiful twisted shape, with drops of pearls in white and pink. 
With a handmade hook and eye clasp to finish it off.

Using silver effect wire in a beautiful twisted shape, this combines clear crystals in between. 
With a handmade hook and eye clasp to finish the design off.

Another beautiful twisted wire shape using silver effect wire, this design has two pink crystals in between the wire shapes.
A handmade hook and eye clasp finishes it off.

This design is so delicate and light, 'ribbons' of wire shapes go in between beautiful turquoise blue glass beads.
The design is finished using a toggle clasp.

This design uses some matt finished glass beads set on wire stems and finished off with a handmade hook and eye clasp.

These earrings were made to match the bracelet  above using the same glass beads with silver ear wires.

Using vintage silver discs and toggle clasp. The whole design is put together using turquoise chips on wire.

These earrings are a representation of a leaf with a pink bud above. Made using silver effect wire and pink and green crystals. The ear wires are silver.

Using copper wire and ear wires, the earrings have been made using wooden beads with hand painted patterns on them.

This necklace is made using heart shapes in silver wire with black crystals in between, the clasp is a handmade hook and eye.

We hope you like the jewellery so far.....keep looking for more sneak previews.

Love and hugs
Susan and Emma


  1. Oh my gosh, they are stunning.....I have a wish list already lol!
    big hugs Jo x

  2. Hi Susan, beautiful jewelry pieces, congrats on the Etsy shop, I will be dropping by to take a peek. Hope all is well with you and your summer is going well!

  3. Stunning creations Susan wishing you well with your new venture.

    Hugs Julie xxx

  4. His pieces are wonderful beauty and delicacy amaze me!


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