Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A special gift....

This is a gift I had made for my sister Jen, which I made up from a set of templates. The papers and images are from a collection from Nitwits - they are just so cute!! I embellished the four sides with lots of flowers and gems that I already had in my stash. I also used some cute cat plastic pawprints and some cute 'fishy' embellishments...

...the tiny knitting needles are just cocktail sticks with a little bead on the end, and I couldn't resist doing a tiny piece of knitting coming from them!!!

The little handles on the drawer fronts were dolls house accessories which I stained with ink before I attached them...

...this is the top view of the drawers!
Thankyou Jen for letting me borrow your gift xxx
Thanks for looking
big hugs


  1. Oh my goodness Emma this is jus gorgeous ! What a stunning creation ! You have been a busy bee ! I love all the details and the knitting is really the icing on the cake ! It's just BEAUTIFUL ! You rock Lady ! Smiles from Catherine (Your sister is soooooooo lucky !)

  2. As one of your other followers has said, I am soooo lucky to be the owner of this wonderful 'scratchy post'!!! I absolutely adore my very very special gift and did not appreciate having it taken out of my home overnight for you to photograph it but I will forgive you! This 'scratchy post', as I call it, is so sturdy and is so fantastically well made. Every single side of it is completely different, I turn it round every few days so I get to see it from a different angle. I'm such a proud owner, I have it in my living room so I can constantly stare at it!
    As mentioned before, the quality of my Mam and Sisters work is second to none, they never skimp on products or time, they make sure each and every item is perfect before completion and this is what has shone through to other followers on this blog.
    Thanks Emma for giving me this wonderful gift that I will love forever x


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